Trail-O championship of Latvia

3.-5.07.2015 "Amatciems"



Competition is organized by OK Kāpa and society TACIŅA.

Event Director - Zita Rukšāne, mapper and course planner – Atis Rukšāns, controller Jānis Rukšāns.


The competition is held in 3rd– 5th of July at the Amata village X:578760; Y:6341502; Lat:57.2098758, Lon: 25.3039018 (map)

3 July
14:30 Registration at the start place X:578598, Y:6341954; Lat:57.2139963, Lon:25.3013720
16:00-19:00 1st PreO start
21:00 Opening ceremony
4 July
till 14:30 Registration at the start place X:578818, Y:6342094; Lat:57.2151849, Lon:25.3050599
15:00-18:00 2nd PreO start
21:00 Concert and dance
5 July
9:00-12:00 Temp-O start X:578818, Y:6342094; Lat:57.2151849, Lon:25.3050599
15:00 Price giving ceremony

Competition rules

The Competition Rules for IOF Trail Orienteering Events, 2014


Competition is open. Anyone who wants can take part in Elite and beginners groups.

E – elite group,
B – beginner’s group.


1-st distance: forest mostly coniferous, lots of young forest. Relief forms large and medium, medium visibility. Gravel tracks and sandy land roads. Max climb 7.5% - 25m; 6% - 40m. 1,8 km 25 KP, 2 taim controls with 2 tasks each at the end of distance; 0.76 km from finish to start place.

2-nd distance and tempo: paved roads in Amata village, good visibility. Max climb 9,3% 30 m; 5,5% - 150 m, 2,3 km 25 KP; 1 time control with 2 tasks at the end of distance. 0,86 km from finish to start place.

Punching with your own composters

TempO distance 2,4-2,8 km; 6-7 stations with 5 tasks each. 1 km from finish to start.

Map scale 1:5000. Contour interval 2.5 m, mapped by Atis Rukšāns 2015.


Preliminary entries must be sent until 1st of July to e-mail or online

All competitors must pay start fee of 30 Euro, one course start – 10 Euro.

Start fee is paid on the day of competition, in registration office or by transfer to account of society TACIŅA

Biedrība "TACIŅA"
ID.Nr.: 40008177838
Address: "Birzes"-3, Sējas novads, LV-2142
Bank: "SEB banka"
code: UNLALV2X
account: LV46UNLA0050017071829

Additional info

There is daily ferry conection to Riga from Stockholm, 83 km from competition centre

The nearest international airport is airport “Riga” RIX, 96 km from competition centre


Competition centre and participants’ campsite at "Spuģi"

  • Price of a tent place: 3.50 EUR per night

Other accommodation can be found on or