KĀPA 2015

MTBO - 2 days

Latvian championship long distance
Latvia MTBO Cup 10th and 11th Stage
Lithuanian MTBO cup 14th Stage



Organised by OK "Kāpa" and the Latvian Orienteering Federation

Event director - Paulis Bričonoks +371 26435996
Course Planning - Edgars Bričonoks +371 26153963


Competition centre at "Spuģi", Amata municipality (map)

3 July
from 17:00-21:00 Registration at the event centre at the campsite "Spuģi".
4 July
from 10:00-15:00 Registration at the event centre at the campsite "Spuģi".
from 15:30 Start of the MTB-O competition long distance - Latvian championship
21:00 Concert, prizegiving for Latvian championship, open-air dancing.
5 July
from 12:30 Start of the MTB-O competition sprint distance
15:00 Closing ceremony, prize giving.


S(W),V(M) - 16, 18, 21, 40, 50, OPEN (beginners)

S(W),V(M) – 16, 18, 21, 40 will be awarded with the Latvian championship medals

Latvia MTBO Cup results only for S(W),V(M) 21 groups.


SPORTident in all groups


On-line entry deadline - June 22 23:59


S(W),V(M) 16,18,OPEN - 5.00 EUR/day
S(W),V(M) 21,40,50 – 10.00 EUR/day
Pensioners - 5.00 EUR/day

Entries after June 22, entry fee + 50% if there are vacancies. Participants who also starts in Kapa 3days or trail-o will have 50% discount.

SI card rent 1.00 EUR/day, Map holder rent 1.00 EUR/day. In case of loss full value of the SI card must be refunded.

Car pass (allows to enter the competition centre and each day’s event centres) 2.00 EUR/day, Minivan (up to 10 passengers) 3 EUR


MTBO map drawn in June 2015. Map scale - Long distance 1:15 000 and Sprint 1:7500, contours 5 meters. Map size A3 (42x30 cm) for long distance and A4 for sprint distance.

Mostly coniferous forest with medium density of road and path network. Relief forms large and medium with the maximal height difference of 35 metres.


Competition centre and participants’ campsite at "Spuģi"

  • Price of a tent place: 3.50 EUR per night

Other accommodation can be found on www.amatasnovads.lv or www.cesis.lv


Group Long distance Sprint distance
S(W),V(M) - 16 60-70 min. 15-20 min.
S(W),V(M) - 18 80-90 min. 15-20 min.
S(W),V(M) - 21 105-115 min. 20-25 min.
S(W),V(M) - 40 80-90 min. 20-25 min.
S(W),V(M) - 50, OPEN 60-70 min. 15-20 min.

Course lenghts

By air line

Group Long distance Sprint distance
S16 V16 S18 S40 S50 Open 10,7 km 13 KP 3,9 km 10 KP
S21 V18 V40 V50 18,0 km 17 KP 4,8 km 14 KP
V21 21,9 km 21 KP


3 minutes between participants of the same group in long distance and 1 minute in sprint distance. Maps will be handed 1 minute before the start. Both days start will be located 1.5km from competition centre "Spuģi".


Top 3 places in all groups according to overall results of 2 races.

Long distance Top 3, ODB registered members in groups S(W),V(M) - 16, 18, 21, 40, will be awarded with the Latvian championship medals.


Bicycle helmet use is mandatory.

Competitors are allowed to ride off roads and use the meadows.

Competitors must follow traffic rules on public roads. Traffic won’t be restricted!

Participants are responsible for their own safety during the race!


Registration closed.

For vacancies contact P.Bričonoks phone +371 26435996, e-mail: paulis.os@inbox.lv